AllSense Press by Kay S. Hooper
Sensory Tune-ups: a guided
journal of sensory experiences
for performers of all ages
What is it like to perform music?
Have you ever put it into words, colored it, sketched it, or danced it? Have you ever told yourself the story of performance? How do you sense the wonder of it all?
What is it like to practice music?
Do you just play music over and over and over and over?                   How do you know that music is learned?
Sensory Tune-ups
is a journal designed to guide you through your personal process of music-making.  The journal experiments challenge you to improve your seeing, hearing, moving and thinking in an easy-to-use format. The journal spaces encourage you to record the enhancement of performance available as a result of increased sensory awareness and to learn more about how you learn.
AllSense Press by Kay S. Hooper
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