Raves for Sensory Tune-ups
Lucille Reilly, The Dulcimer Lady, award-winning recording and performing artist on autoharp and hammered dulcimer:

    The performer in me knows this book will be helpful in enlarging my sensing realm. The teacher in me knows this is already a great resource book from which to draw creative approaches to teaching. It encourages my own asking of deeper questions of my students and myself.  I also appreciate the consistency of different fonts on each page to differentiate between text explanations and instructions. This makes each concept easy to follow.
Lois Svard, DMA, pianist and producer of the DVD “Annea Lockwood’s Ear-Walking Woman for prepared piano”:

    Sensory Tune-ups is an ingenious journal that brings a sense of playfulness to the process of making music.  Kay Hooper blends her considerable knowledge of both music and the Alexander Technique to challenge students and professionals alike to expand their awareness, experience new sensations, tune in to their own bodies, and to participate more fully in their own learning process.”
Helen Spielman, flutist, flute teacher, author, performance anxiety counselor:
 This book offers a  thoughtful, unique, and beneficial way for musicians to become more deeply in touch with their bodily sensations, thoughts, and feelings during practice and performance. The writing is conversational and many excellent questions are raised for the reader to discover his or her own answers. Each page has a great deal of room to write or draw answers and impressions.  The book covers the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory realms, as well as specific performance issues.... This is an excellent resource for those experiencing performance anxiety and those wishing to improve stage presence.
Fine musicians and teachers around the world recommend this unique book for themselves and their students.  Read what they say. Lea Pearson, DMA, flutist, author of “Body Mapping for Flutists:What Every Flute Teacher Should Know About the Body”: 
Sensory Tune-ups is a wonderful tool for developing the senses that musicians need to be fully expressive. Every music student should use this journal!
For helpful videos on sensory training, go to YouTube: