Workshops and Presentations
I want to thank you for an outstanding two days of workshops that not only introduced our students to the Alexander Technique, but expanded their view of new and exciting ideas.

Training Attention in an ADD World

Starting with a delightful Powerpoint, this workshop defines the elements  of awareness and attention in an easy, accessible format. Participants then get to apply this knowledge by exploring their own habits of attention as well as developing strategies to help students. Musicians may perform if they wish. Examples from Sensory Tune-ups round out the class.

The music and theatre students at ACC were discussing the concepts after you left us, and they wanted to know more, experience more.

Alexander Technique

For over 100 years, the Alexander Technique has helped people from all walks of life regain movement and alleviate pain. Kay’s 20 years of experience with a variety of approaches to this technique come together to equip participants with tools to improve both performance and everyday activities.

It was evident by the afternoon of the first day that you had won them over not only with your information, but with your personal style of interaction.

What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body - 6 Hour Course

Movement is governed by body maps, the brain’s representations of the body’s structure. This course, designed by Barbara Conable, introduces musicians to specific, accurate information about the body, with an emphasis on integrating that information immediately into the musician’s body map. This course helps musicians improve poise under pressure, enhance technical and musical facility, and avoid and recover from injury. More info at <>

I was impressed with how you related the material to music students one day and found the equal ground to speak with theatre students the next.

Look at Your Hands, and Be Nervous!

This brand new workshop defies myths of performance and challenges performers to use their senses more fully to combat performance anxiety and to enhance expression. Using Sensory Tune-ups as a guide, participants can dispel limiting old ideas and rediscover the joy of music-making.

As a trained dancer, I found the all-encompassing support for body awareness as well as alignment extremely positive.
           Ruth S. Liberman, Chair, Humanities Division
Director, Adirondack Community College Theatre Program

Workshops are adaptable to the nature and age level of the group. 
The style of each workshop is based on the length of the presentation and the professional needs of the group members.
All workshops have participatory elements and can become master classes if desired.
Fees are based on the length of the workshop and travel distance.

Contact Kay for specifics at <>http://www.bodymap.orgmailto:kayshooper@allsensepress.comshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1